Welcome to Orsa Camping

Orsasjön with the blue mountains in the background is a beautiful view from the shallow, kilometer-long sandy beach.
Orsa can really live up to the epithet of Dalarna Riviera. During the summer,  Orsa is full of life and motion.


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Another season of Moraeus Med Mera
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Evening shows with the Pearls


Choose from shade or sun, a specific pitch or free setup, right in the center of the campsite or in a quieter area.

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Where would you like to stay? 

Close to the beach, to the playground or servicehouse,
the choice is yours! 

Activities at Orsa Camping

For children

For us at Orsa Camping, the children means a lot. We can therefore offer a ruch variety of fun activities, both with instructors and where the children can use their own imagination. 
At Orsa Camping you can find something for everyone!  

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Where would you like to stay? 

Cabin, caravan, mobile home, tent, or hostel,
the choice is yours!  


Orsa is full of life in the summer and we can offer a big supply of diffrent kinds of events in Orsa, and in the local areas.  

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Experience Orsa Camp in VR in our 360-degree presentation

Here you are able to experience our cabins, the hostel, the reception, shopping center, servicehousing, the restaurant and the conferencesection. If you have a VR-headset the experience gets significantly better. Press the "Read more" button below for a better picure.

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  • Phone: 0250-462 00
  • Fax: 0250-462 60
  • Visitadress: Bowlingvägen 1, Orsa
  • Utdelningsadress: Box 133, 794 22 Orsa
  • info@orsacamping.se

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