Frequently asked questions


Which contact applies?

Generally, EU-contacts apply to most of our pitches. In some cases, the usual plug-in connector applies. In our online booking it is stated which contact applies to each specific pitch. Adapters are available at the reception (reservation for sold out). Feel free to contact the reception at any time.


Picture of CEE adapter.

Picture of plug connector.

What is the size of the diffrent pitches?

The size of our pitches varies. In our online booking you will find the specific dimension. Be sure to choose a pitch that fits your caravan, motorhome or tent. If you have any questions or feel unsure, you are welcome to contact the reception.

What are the times for check-in and check-out?

Check-in and check-out for our camping pitches and is 12:00. Do you wish to check in earlier or check out later? Please contact reception so we can see the possibilities.

When is the last time for check-in?
From 24:00 are all motor traffic for guests prohibited inside the campsite. In case of late arrival after 24:00, park outside reception and check in the morning after. Upon arrival after reception opening hours, you will collect the key in a keybox outside the reception. Please contact the reception for questions and code for the keybox.
What does pitch with water and sewer mean?

Pitch with water and sewer means that there is a separate water tap for each pitch and a drain for "gray water". Please note that you must have your own hoses with you.

Does it cost to shower in the service houses?

We have free showers in all service houses, without coins and tokens. NOTE! Think of the environment and never shower more than necessary.

Are there any dishwashers in the service houses?

Dishwashers can be found in Service house A, C and G. The dishwashers are fast and have automatic dosing of detergent.

Is wifi available in the area?

Wifi is free for our guests and you get the password at check-in.


Are bed linens and towels included?

No, but you can rent for 150 SEK/set.

What are the times for check-in and check-out?

Check-in at our cabins is from 15:00 and check-out is no later than 11:00.

Is there a quilt and pillow in the cabins?

Quilts and pillows are in all cabins.

What equipment is in the kitchen?

It varies depending on the type of cabin. In the cabin with kitchenette/kitchen there are simpler kitchen utensils in the cabin. In the camping cabins, the kitchens are used in the service houses, where simple household items are available.

Is wifi available in the area?

Wifi is free for our guests. You get the password at check-in.

Can I add departure cleaning?

Absolutely! The price varies depending on the size of the cabin. Contact the reception to book. Departure cleaning can be booked no later than 3 days in advance.

Pool area   

Can I bring the dog in?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the pool area.

How is the temperature in the pools?

Our pools always keep at least 24 degrees. However, this may vary. Generally, it is always warmer in the children's and middle pool than in the large pool. Outside the pool area and reception are always patches with today's temperatures.

What does it cost?

As a guest at the campsite, there is free entrance to the pool area. At check-in you as a guest receive a tag for the entrance to the pool area. If lost, you will be charged 650 SEK. You can find other prices here!

Is there food?

Inside the pool area there is availability with simple food service in the form of sausages with bread and toast. Ice cream, sweets, coffee and other drinks.


Is the dog welcome on the beach?

The dog is welcome at our dog bath, which is furthest away at the campsite next to the 800-area. On the other parts of the beach the dog is not welcome.

Wich temperature is the water?

Outside the pool area and reception are always patches with today's temperatures on the water for the pools and the lake.


Is the dog welcome at the restaurant?

At Brasserie Udden and McGregors Sportbar, the dog is unfortunately not welcome.

Do I need to book a table?

We always recommend booking, as we cannot always guarantee a table. Contact the restaurant to book a table.

Are the restaurants open all year round?

McGregors Sportbar is open all year round and Brasserie Udden between June and August.

Is lunch available?

Brasserie Udden serves lunch buffet during the summer. You can find the menu and opening hours at