Winter in Dalarna

Dalarna as a region are known to be an extremely popular winter destination.
With only a few hundred meters to the lake from the campsite, there are ski and skate tracks close at hand.
Just 15 km from the campsite is Orsa Grönklitt, a fantastic ski resort with both alpine and cross-country skiing.
In Orsa Grönklitt you will also find Orsa Predator Park, also known as Europe's largest.
Orsa Bowling and McGregors Sportsbar are open in the same building as the reception. Under one roof you will find sportsbar, bowling, conference rooms and game corner.

Winter activities

Alpine skiing

Orsa Grönklitt is located only 15 km from Orsa Camping. The great combination of different types of downhill skiing and that everything is close to each other is what makes Orsa Grönklitt unique. The slopes are available in various difficulty levels, from green to black. And often a slope is divided so you and your friends can ride the same hill but with different degrees of difficulty.


You will find challenges both in the piste and off-piste. We have black slopes that offer breathtaking speed experiences and off-piste routes through magical forests. For the children, Bärra's off-piste is a favorite!

Cross-country skiing

Orsa Grönklitt is located only 15 km from Orsa Camping. Orsa Grönklitt is a perfect destination to sharpen your skiing technique or maybe try cross-country skiing it for the first time. 


Service, modern ski school, proximity and perfect trails mean that more and more cross-country skiers will find Orsa Grönklitt - where you also get help finding the equipment that is right for you.


Orsa Grönklitt's trails for cross-country skiing is known for its high quality, which also attracts national team athletes. 130 km of trails through varied terrain, over moors, heights and in forests. 

Dog sledding

The tour starts from the car park next to the reception in Orsa Grönklitt and you can choose between 2,5 km or 5 km. The dog sledding is perfect for both adults and children, not least for those who love dogs and want to see more of the fantastic areas in Orsa Grönklitt.

Ice skating

During the winter months, Orsa-Mora Skating provides ice tracks on the lake, a few hundred meters from the campsite. In good weather conditions, skating tracks up to 30 km.

Discover Dalarna


Long inside the enchanted forests next to Gesundaberg lies a real fairy tale land. Here among lakes and waterfalls lies the empire of the Trolls, The Wood of the fairys and Santas own village with exciting places that you have only visited in the fairytale books so far. But here everything is for real! Here you play with the Witch, chase trolls and walk along the Wood elf through the woods. Here are adventures and fairies from morning to evening.

Orsa Rovdjurspark

Orsa Rovdjurspark, with its 325 000 sqm, is Europe's largest predator park of its kind.
Orsa Rovdjurspark is not an ordinary zoo, but a unique opportunity to look at the animals in their natural environment. Here bears, wolves and tigers among others live side by side.


The Dala horse is now not only a symbol for Mora and Dalarna - but also for Sweden. However, it is in Mora that it originated, in the village of Nusnäs where it is still made today with the same love for the craft. As it has done at all times.

Inspiration from Orsa Grönklitt